Randy Santino

As a DJ, Randy Santino is the ultimate funky/tech-house floor filler. The soul of his DJ set is very successful. That results in a unique sound in every club.

Randy Santino, born 1980 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, discovered at a fairly young age he had “something” with sticks and wooden sticks in particular. As a little kid he drove his parents crazy while banging on pots and pans the whole day. The little boy builds his own drum set out of kitchen supplies just to make rhythms! His dad, a musician himself, took little Randy to performances and let him play drums in his band on occasion.

After a while Randy really got into music and started a study to become a professional audio engineer at the age of 18. At that age he already had a studio build in the garage of his parents house where he could turn his lessons into practice. At a certain point his best buddy asked him to spin some records at a local club. Randy immediately caught the DJ bug and never left the DJ set again. He performed in Vernes (Schagen), Mikey's (Amsterdam), Club JV (Amsterdam), Baja (Rotterdam), television show The Bar (Rotterdam) to name just a few.

He also worked for BAJA in Rotterdam and produced radio shows with live mixes for BAJA radio. In the year 2004 Randy build his new professional studio with all new gear in Beverwijk (NL). He started out with making dubs for other artists and in his spare time worked on his own material. In that same year his first production “Ayodan” was a fact.

Randy wanted to learn more and more about production, which ultimately led to Scream and Big Dick. This massive floorfiller is out on MFL Records, so get your copy today!!

Some recent locations: Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Odeon (Amsterdam), Club Panama (Amsterdam), Beachclub Vroeger (Bloemendaal), Club Planet (Uitgeest)

Style: Funky, sexy and groovin’ !!Tech-house, jackin’-house, deep-house

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